Collaborate on short films around the world!
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Our mission with this new platform is to bring film makers from around the world to collaborate on short films without the cost of making movies while showing Hollywood that we the people have much more creativity than they do.

Would you like to collaborate on short films with actors from around the world? *

This means you would upload a 1 minute scene as an actor or director.
Would you comment on and review other short films that are created? *

Do you own a video camera either DSLR or Smartphone? *

If yes, what kind of camera?

Would you upgrade your account to have control over the films? *

Your title would be a "producer" and you would pay a small monthly fee.  You would have many more features than a regular user.
If yes, how much would you be willing to pay each month to be a producer?

If you have a YouTube Channel please enter the URL here:

Thanks for being a part of history!
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